7 easy different ways on how to make slippers non slip.

When people don’t slip, it keeps the balance of the body stable and helps in walking and running. So, how to make slippers non-slip?

The excellent comfort level is prior to every slipper. Good quality material supports the feet correctly, especially in unstable hardwood floors and tiles.

The no-slip rubber soles prevent accidental falls.

With such slippers, feet feel easy and comfortable everywhere and in any place.  Also, non-slippery shoes are noise-free. It is not only used at home but also for shower, while swimming and in any watery place.

Best 7 ways how to make slippers non slip

1. Plastic Dip

The plastic dip is the best method – how to make slippers non slip. This is used in knit and crochet slippers. In crochet slippers a number of dots are applied onto the neat rubber grip. The Plasti Dip is very pliable 

When that is a dip in plastic its color is Neone and before dip its color is black. These slippers have come in the shape of non-slip ones which are slippers which is suitable for every member of the house. 

This method is very handy for handmade slippers which was knit or crochet socks. You can Make crochet or Knit Slippers with shelf liner too.

How to knit crochet patterned slippers for beginners step by step? You can find all about knit slippers and crochet patterns or even try it in our post. Please, check it out. Or use the non slip dots for slipper soles.

2. Fiber Lok non-skid backing

This one is a great fabric and easy to use. These fiber products are easily applied on the back of the slippers, given the shape of non-slip. Keep your feet safe from slip-on slippery places.

The brush is used for applying that product. If the Fiber-Lok non-skid backing is dry after one time, it should be applied one more time for better results. This is the best solution for making the slippers non-skid.

Pros for using:

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Cleans up with soap and cold water

3. Puffy Fabric Paint

It is the puff paint that comes in the bottles, popular paint which is easy to use on soles and back of the slippers for making that non-slip.

Not only use in slippers but it can also be used in socks.

Different designs and colors are available with that slippers to make your life enjoyable and fun. Puffy fabric paint is the best and popular in its shine and colors.


4. Non-slip indoor Rug Pad

Some slippers have different layers that should be patched on the bottom of the slippers. A non-slip indoor rug pad is used to patch the layers to each other in order to make the slippers non-slip. Non-slip means that it is another method to keep the feet safe from slippery places.

5. Silicone Sealant

Silicone sealant is a flexible and dry way to make the slippers non-slip which is used on the back of the slippers. Silicon is available in the tube and different in colors. Choose the color which matches your slippers.

6. Slipper sole

Used for the branded slippers like yarn-crafted. Slipper sole is the best item that is used to make the slippers’ good insoles. It’s Easy to wear and walk in slippery places.

Make the slippers non-slip easily to use any surfaces of the floor either it is hard or soft. Choose slippers with non-slip soles. The best option is for the sole to be rubberized and have different patterns on it.

7. Fancy Custom Felt Sole On The Zen Of Making

These are the fancy slippers that are stitched and gorgeous in looks. So for these slippers product material for non-slip sole is available in the form of paint. When the paint is applied to the bottom of the slippers, leave it for hours. It makes the slippers non-slip and keeps feet safe from slipping on wet surfaces of the floor.

We will help you to make the right choice on how to make slippers non-slip! Stay Safe and Good luck! 🙂


How can I make my shoes non slippery with hot glue?

We recommended using non-slip socks at home. It is simple to make them anti skid with glue. We invite you to watch this video, which shows in detail how to implement it by yourself

What makes a shoe non skid?

Non-skid is when you want the slippers to have a great rubber sole with anti-slip feature so it gives a great grip when walking on the hard and concrete floors. It is used for indoor-outdoor floors and has a memory foam insole.
We have tried to fully cover all these questions on our website, and also have selected a whole review of the best slippers with non-slip soles. Make your slippers practical and cozy with us. This post will also be helpful!!! Try it!

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