Best Diabetic Sandals On Amazon

As a diabetic patient, you’ll need to provide some protection and relief to your feet using a diabetic sandal. This’s because diabetes causes damages to the blood vessels of the feet and other parts of the body. When left unprotected, the feet can get some infections from sores and injuries.

One of the best diabetic sandals will prevent your feet from the complications associated with diabetes. We’ll recommend the Skechers sandals on the Amazon. Remember to include it in your shopping cart the next time you shop online.

What are the Best Sandals for Diabetics?

There are lots of diabetic shoes, sandals, and other footwear which are on the Amazon ratings. The price for each piece of footwear depends on your choice. The cost of shipping may also be included in the price. Orthopedic or Therapeutic shoes or sandals are the best for diabetics.
In this article, we’ll review the best diabetic sandals that offer relief to your feet.

Best Choice for WomenBest Choice for Men
Skechers women’s brilliancy sandalsSkechers Men’s Louden Sandal


  • This is one of the best diabetic sporty sandals on Amazon that offers maximum comfort to both orthopedic and diabetic patients
  • It has adjustable ankle straps that give secure fitness
  • The upper fabric is soft heathered and does cause any irritations
  • It is made with 5Gen cushioning, which is lightweight and provides support
  • The sandal comes with a rebound sole that offers maximum comfort
  • It’s 100% synthetic
  • It’s imported
  • It has an opened toe silhouette that creates room for breathe and keeps the feet dry always
  • Its memory foam is air-cooled and gives the feet comfort and support
Best Choice for WomenBest Choice for Men
Orthofeet Proven Women’s SandalsOrthofeet Proven Men’s Sandals


  • Orthofeet Proven sandals are ideal and comfortable for orthopedic and diabetic conditions
  • The sole of the sandal has multiple cushioning layers that provide support and comfort against every pain on the feet and heels
  • It has extended wide widths that give good fitting, stability as well as make walking easy
  • The insoles are removable and have an extra depth design which makes the sandals to be orthotic friendly
  • It has an adjustable strap and upper rope that gives secure fitness
  • The upper fabric is soft and anti-odor and thus prevents foot odor and perspiration, which may bring irritations
  • The insole is lightweight and durable
Best Choice for WomenBest Choice for Men
Medifoot Women SandalsMedifoot Men Sandals


  • Medifoot sandals are great for diabetic patients for free movement and comfort to the feet.
  • It has a non-removable insole that provides comfort to the heels.
  • The sandals’ width is regular, which helps to prevent any form of injury.
  • It has a non-removable insole.
  • It has 3 months warranty for any defects of the manufacturers.
  • Its wide toe style reduces pains on the toes.
  • The sandal comes with MCP that prevents perspiration and is also slip-resistant.
  • There are adjustable ankle straps that prevent ankle pains.
  • It comes in different colors and sizes.
Best Choice for WomenBest Choice for Men
Propet Women’s SandalsPropet Men’s Sandals


  • This is an orthopedic sandal that provides comfort for diabetics and free mobility with the feet.
  • Its sole is synthetic.
  • The foam-padded insole footbed is lightweight and has high durability.
  • The upper fabric is 100% leather and prevents shin irritation by keeping the feet dry always.
  • The sole, which is made from Polyurethane with cushioning layers, provide comfort to the feet and makes walking very easy.
  • It comes in different colors and sizes to suit your choice.
Best Choice for WomenBest Choice for Men
Arcopedico Monterey SandalDr. Scholl’s Men’s Gus Sandal


  • This is an extra soft sandal that is good for diabetics which gives comfort and support.
  • The sandals are anti-skid and will not slip on tiles, marbles, and wet floors.
  • They have a slip-on closure and gives comfort for your easy movement.
  • The sandals are soft and medicated and thus relieve heel and ankle pains
  • They are very lightweight and durable.
  • The sandals are made with skin-friendly materials that prevent scars, blisters, pains, and sweating on your feet.
  • The sandal is ideal for diabetics and ensures maximum comfort to the feet.

Can diabetics wear sandals?

Diabetes is a disease that causes damage to the blood vessels on the feet and other parts of the body. When you fail to take the proper care of your feet as a diabetic, it results in complications. A foot ulcer is one of such complications.

Wearing the appropriate diabetic shoes and sandals will help to avoid getting foot ulcers. If not properly managed can lead to amputation. Remember that not every type of footwear is the right for a diabetic. Due to the damage on the feet, it also affects the nerves in the feet. This creates silent neuropathy, a situation where the feet lose feeling.

Why should diabetics not walk barefoot?

Walking barefoot as a diabetic, even while indoors, is very risky. Any injury on the feet, no matter how small, can result in a foot ulcer. Since the feet have become less sensitive, injuries on them may not be felt.

Also, some patients will not give adequate treatments for such injuries as they feel fewer pains. This can invariably lead to ulcers and even amputation.

Consider the risks; a diabetic shouldn’t walk barefoot irrespective of where he/she is. Wearing the recommended orthopedic shoes and sandals for diabetics will go a long way in protecting the feet.

Are Crocs Good for Diabetics?

Though crocs are made from plastics, they provide some space for the feet to relax and breathe. They are loose, with cushion insoles. Thus, they give comfort to the feet and relieve pain. They could be the right choice for any customer both in summer and winter.

Due to the comfortable effect on the feet, crocs are good footwear for diabetics. Remember that feet are prone to injuries and sores from diabetes. The crocs are great since they have cushion insoles and give more space for the feet. Also, they possess antibacterial properties that protect the feet from getting infections through any open sores.

 Bottom Line

Every diabetic patient needs to keep his/her feet safe from injuries. You also need to wear comfortable sandals all the time to protect your feet from infections.  We’ve picked the best sandals for people with diabetics to assist your decision.

Check them and choose the best one for you. 

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