How to Clean Sandals Footbed – Cheapest Hacks for 2022

Take out years old sandals from dumped safe collectibles and apply the cheapest cleansing hacks of 2022 to transform your footwears!

In this post you will find how to clean sandals footbed and make your sandal fresh and clean!

Easiest Cleaning keys for Dirty Sandals

  1. Daily use of wipes and baking soda cleaner mixture of little water, vinegar, or detergent to erase stains.
  2. Rinse off the dirt from the sandals footbed soles daily.
  3. Weekly wash out smelly shoe insoles with detergent and water or vinegar using gentle touch of bristle cloth.
  4. To keep the stretchy shape of your kicks and sandals, try newspapers or any high-quality shoe tree.
  5. Try to use Birkenstock sandals as much as possible in summer to enjoy the comfortable footwear at beach, less smelly footbeds, that fetch less sweat to your feet.

A single trick cannot master all of the issues. Before dealing with the shoe or sandal cleaning mechanisms, it is necessary to know what kind of cloth and the relevant method you are going to deal with. Here are a few cost-effective and quick tips.

Clean out your Dirty Birkenstocks with Baking Soda

Are you thinking to dump your Birkenstocks just because they are dirty now?

If it is, then you are going to lose the coziest sandal that you build over time. The below picture will get you a quick understanding to clean your favorite Birkenstocks today, as suggested by the cleaning menu at the Birkenstocks site. 


  1.  After unbuckling the Birkenstock sandals straps, clap sandals together and use the brush to erase all dirt. After removing grime, moist the sandal footbeds with a moist cloth.
  2. Prepare Baking Soda liquid Cleaner by adding little water and vinegar or few drops of detergent.
  3. Start scrubbing the footbed of insoles and outsole with cleaner using a small and hard-haired brushing tool. Dab the liquid cleaner with it and move it in a circular motion. Take a good time to complete this step.
  4. After rinsing, next allow your sandals to stay for 2 to 3 minutes and then purge all the dirty mixture from the footbed surface with the help of a damp and then dry cloth.
  5. Don’t place your Birkenstock sandals directly in sun but at room temperature, to make them dry as sunlight heat without any dryness or cracks. And remember, never give your sandals laundry machine cycle as it would tarnish them in seconds. After completely air dry, put your foot in Birkenstocks again.
How to Clean Sandals Footbed - Cheapest Hacks for 2022


Fix your dirty leather shoe in a 5-minute solution

Regular usage gets you cracks and cuts on your favorite leather shoes, which is annoying!

Flexes and folds appeared automatically on the shoe front as one walks. Once creases start appearing they turn into cuts and cracks. If stains, scuffs, and marks starting emerging on your suede, leather or canvas footwear, or any sandal, then follow the given hacks now to safe your expensive footwear today.

How to Clean Sandals Footbed - Cheapest Hacks for 2022
How to Clean Sandals Footbed - Cheapest Hacks for 2022
How to Clean Sandals Footbed - Cheapest Hacks for 2022
How to Clean Sandals Footbed - Cheapest Hacks for 2022

1.      Stuffing

Stuff the newspaper into the shoes or use a high-quality shoe tree to keep the stiff appearance of your shoes.

2.      Cleaning

First, remove all the dirt out of your nubuck article. Use a gentle muscle with a soft shoe brush to remove the maximum of dirt. Then apply bath soap via damp cloth all over the shoes. After the complete rinse, remove all of the soap with a dry cloth or sponge. Now, let it take rest for complete air dry, keep under shade.

3.      Hot Press

Dip a small towel into the water and soaked it. Cover the creased area of the leather shoe with it and gently press the hot iron on it. This warm treatment will restore the shape your shoes.

4.      Conditioning

The cleaning process let your shoe or sandal get dry. To restore its’ shine, use a shoe shiner or a moisturizer. Focus on the areas where cracks and stains are visible.

5.      Use of sandpaper

Use sandpaper, to give a gentle rub on cracks and cuts, if they are still there even after conditioning.

6.      Repair cream

Apply a uniform color resin paste on the rubbed area to give smooth look to the scrubbed area.

7.      Suede Spray for Clogs

If you have suede shoes, then use Suede Paint Spray to cover the large dusty area of your nubuck shoe pair as quickly as possible. It can be used on daily basis to restore the fresh, and shiny look.

8.    Polishing to leather

Scuffs and marks at footwear front and leather sandal footbeds are obvious when one wear them all over the day. There are few ways to get rid of all such annoying scuffs in a few minutes.

To Remove Scuffs and Marks

  1. You may use bath soap (as discussed before) to remove all signs and stubborn grime stains properly.
  2.  If you don’t want to use soap, can apply toothpaste to the pathetic marks with the help of an old toothbrush. Start scrubbing in a circular motion to all of the scuffed places of your shoe pair.
  3. Clean scrub get dryness, so dehydrate before applying wax polish all over the shoes using moisture.
  4. Next apply the polish applicator and let them sit for 5 minutes to completely air dry.
  5. Finally, puff them with a horsehair brush to unfold its shiny surface. After that, you should use wax polish to retain brightness for a longer time.

Results of 5 minutes of muscle

Cleaning of Sneakers

Look confident in neat and clean white sneakers!

If you are confused in choosing between the toothpaste method and the liquid cleaner method. Then check out the below steps and save your 60 to 80 dollars in just $12 or less.

Clean Dirty Suede Sneakers

  1. Knock your kicks together to remove the maximum of dirt. Use a small brush to remove grime in detail.
  2. Prepare a thick liquid cleaner of BS using little water and vinegar. Rinse this paste throughout your kicks with a small brush. This cost-saving method is highly recommended on social media. This cleaner mixture not only cleans leather but wiped the grim marks from each thread of the shoes.
  3. Next gently scrub all nooks of the shoe and its laces. Always avoid the cycle of a laundry machine to wash your shoes, either it is the outer part of sandal or sandal footbeds, its laces, etc.
  4. Swipe away all of the dirty solutions with a soaked towel. Because of the thick fabric, let it stay overnight at room temperature for proper dry. See, how a college changed her appearance effectively, without laying off the $60 cost on a new pair of suede shoes.

Let’s Clean your Dirtiest Canvas Sneakers / WhiteLeather / Synthetic Shoes

Steps to apply Toothpaste Method

1.      Bang your Canvas kicks to remove all of the dirt. Make sure that all of the debris has come out via an old toothbrush

2.      Take a medium-sized toothpaste and put it on brush hair

3.      Moist your brush and start scrubbing it circularly at all parts. Make sure that all mesh gets rubbed properly

4.      After enough sponging, wipe out all the dirty paste from shoes and let it be air dry at room temperature overnight

Fancy Sandals

Other summer or winter footwear like high heels, sports shoes, or other fancy sandals or sandals with fur check it from here. Can be also be transformed by following the above hacks like the use of shoe tree, wipes, and cleaning of sandals footbeds, etc. Dress laces, stones, oil paint, and ribbons can be used to hide marks and stains. All these hacks cost you less than $10 and save you much time.

Now You knew How to Clean Sandals Footbed!

Stay Happy, Clean, and Glowing!

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