4 top easy tested steps how to clean ll bean slippers

How to clean ll bean slippers which are used for wearing 24 hours a day all year round? When wearing these bean moccasins might get dirty and can be cleaned improperly. These sheepskin slippers are very soft and cozy.

When people wear these sheepskin shoes, they feel relaxed and more comfortable, especially in the winter season as it is quite warm in nature. So the different process is used for the cleaning.

Cleaning with a laundry detergent, like baking soda, might be helpful while the stronger chemicals cannot be used to wash the slipper in a daily routine as it can damage the slippers. LL sheepskins are easy to wear and manage and we absolutely know how to clean LL Bean slippers.

Do You know how to clean ll bean slippers?

Comfort and support is the primary factor which is necessary for every pair of shoes. That is the point by which men and women see and feel satisfied. These shoes are designed in such a way that combines comfort and reliability. They are really comfortable in both seasons – summer or winter.

Generally, shoes are rather soft and smooth from inside. People also wear them on hard surfaces of the earth. And you may have no complaints but problems still occur from time to time. Our website will help to understand how to take care of your shoes while using the washing machine or hand wash. Let us know if you have any questions and describe your problems on this page below.

Step 1

As the LL Bean slippers are used indoors and outdoors around the house so they get dirty more often and you might need to clean them after a day or week. So, how to clean LL Bean slippers? Baking soda is used for cleaning and washing of these soft slippers. You can just sprinkle baking soda on your shoes and keep them free for the whole night. Baking soda is used for absorbing sweat and extra liquid and bad smell from the slippers.

After baking soda process slippers should be cleaned the next day.

Step 2

You will need an old toothbrush for this step. Apply the detergent to the toothbrush. Water is also used for washing and cleaning the slippers.

Only cold water is used for the c the outer side of the slippers. Don’t use much hot water for washing and cleaning the ll bean moccasins.

Step 3

In this step the cleaning rag is moistened with cold water and a few drops of a detergent. Some laundry detergent is specially made for shoe cleaning. Rub the moccasins until they are totally clean.

The inside of slippers is washed with dish soap. The dry toothbrush with baking soda will properly remove those stains that are deep.

Step 4

Now, since all the dirt has been removed and our shoes are like brand-new, we have to remove the soap that might have been left.

Maybe then You’ll Want to Wash soles well before washing machine.

This is the four-step perfect scheme that is used to clean LL Bean moccasins. People really like and appreciate that way to wash slippers. They are especially popular in the winter season as it is so warm and gives proper comfort to the feet of people.

ll bean slippers washing instructions

LL Bean slippers are the ones that are used both inside and outside the house. They might look dirty pretty soon. There is no problem when it is used in travel and function comfort level should not be down. The best way to clean LL Beans in a routine is by using that four-step instruction.

These are the easier and less expensive ways to wash and clean slippers. Use a natural way to dry these slippers. Air dry is the best way to dry. These steps are major and popular for cleaning ll bean moccasins.


It is better to remove the old insole before processing, and then insert a new one at the end. You can use a special one with activated carbon or gel – they do not support the growth of bacteria.

From time to time, the smell will appear anyway. You can remove the smell yourself, and without resorting to washing. Use:

  • baking soda – fill the boot with it and leave it overnight, shake it out, wipe it from the inside and dry it;
  • hydrogen peroxide – wipe the inside of your shoes thoroughly, especially at the seams;
  • vinegar – also wipe the inside, but then ventilate very well to get rid of the smell;
  • activated carbon – crush about 10 tablets and pour in a layer inside, leave overnight, a vacuum cleaner will help to clear traces of coal;
  • silica gel – buy the cat litter at a pet store, fill to the top, leave for a day, shake out and dry;
  • freezingplace the pair of shoes in the freezer for a day, clean, dry and repeat again.

For very severe cases, we recommend a combination of methods: first freeze, and then peroxide treatment and then baking soda. Choose shoes in size, do not wear tight model from fake leather, especially in hot weather. Follow the simple rules of hygiene and care.

  1. How to deodorize shoes? How do you deodorize LL Bean slippers?

    We do not recommend using spray deodorants, because spraying inside the sheepskin slippers, may still spread chemicals that have potential concerns as skin irritants or allergic reactions. Otherwise, if you still want to spray LL Beans, use it only from the outer side. Be careful and stay safe! Good luck!

  2. Removing shoe odor

    Sweat itself does not smell, the smell appears as a result of the vital activity of microorganisms that live in the insoles and seams of your shoes. Therefore, in order to rid the shoes of the smell, you first need to eliminate its cause – the nutrient medium. For this
    – use foot deodorants;
    – change insoles regularly;
    – air dry the shoes at least once a week;
    – monitor the condition of the feet – treat the fungus
    – wear comfortable shoes.
    The answer to the question of how to remove the smell of sweat from l bean shoes can be special sprays that you can buy in the store. They contain antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients that kill the harmful environment without harming the material.
    It is better to remove the old insole before processing, and then insert a new one at the end. You can use special insoles with activated carbon or gel – they do not support the growth of bacteria.

  3. How do you wash shoes that Cannot be washed?

    Unfortunately, not all the kinds of shoes are washable. Cheap sneakers with a lining made of cardboard, straw slippers will be damaged by the washing machine. These indoor shoes (l bean) can be wiped clean with disinfectants such as alcohol, vinegar or dry baking soda.
    l bean Shoes with glued soles cannot be washed. They fall apart from the wash cycle in washing machine. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth or disinfectant solutions.

  4. Can you wash ll bean slippers in the washing machine?

    Yes, but we recommended using cold water in the washing machine! Also, you may use only the natural way to dry l bean and you keep them away from direct heat.

  5. How do you clean LL Bean wool slippers?

    This answer you will find on our website post about washing sheepskin slippers, you may look through it whenever you like!
    You may moisten the surface with a clean, damp sponge. Do not use scrub brush. Then apply like a small amount of special cleaning foam to the suede/wool washing foam for the sheepskin to a damp sponge and gently remove. Remove the residue and excess water with sponge. Use a sponge or dry cloth to soak up excess water.

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